Personalized instructional coaching to help teachers grow. Use this dynamic, hybrid approach to confer, set goals, record “snapshot” videos, and receive feedback from highly qualified instructional coaches.

Who Hires Virtual Coaches?


  • Teachers who want to improve their craft (go from good to great) or need classroom management or instructional support beyond what is being offered in their school setting.


  • Administrators who want to provide assistance to teachers new to the profession, teachers who were alternatively certified, or teachers who are in need of classroom management or instructional support.

Here’s How it Works

Virtual coach and teacher meet via web conference or phone, set strategic goals, and agree on first steps.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or webcam, teacher records a focused "snapshot" lesson segment and uploads it to the private, secure Coaching Huddle shared only with the coach.

In addition to weekly conferences, the virtual coach views video, provides time-stamped feedback for teacher reflection, and shares relevant resources to continue a focus on improvement.

Using Sibme's custom coaching framework and tagging system, teachers will receive a weekly analytics report detailing goal-based progress throughout the six-week virtual coaching cycle.

The Sibme Coaching cycle

“Professional learning is evolving! By combining the Sibme platform, which allows teachers to film, share, and receive specific feedback, with the use of personalized web-conferences, highly skilled and experienced virtual coaches are able to customize a teacher’s learning experience by focusing on achievable goals in areas that, when improved, will impact student achievement.”

Allyson Burnett, Director of Professional Learning

Why Virtual Coaching?

Traditional Professional Development Sibme Virtual Coaching
Providing on-site professional development or sending teachers out of the building for professional development is costly, less personalized, and less likely to lead to implementation of new learning Sibme virtual coaching helps schools save money --up to 30%-- with targeted and personalized coaching and professional learning and increases the likeliness of implementation of new learning
Participants are often asked to passively “sit and get” in large sessions lasting hours Sessions between the coach and teacher typically last 45 minutes—an optimum time for staying focused, engaged, and learning
Participants are not given enough opportunities to clarify understanding, personalize the information to their situation, or follow-up with questions or concerns Personalized and on-going interaction between the teacher and coach is one of the hallmarks of Sibme virtual coaching
Teachers rarely receive feedback tracking their progress as they are applying new learning to their teaching practices In addition to viewing and providing feedback on focused videos shared by the teacher, coaches use Sibme Analytics to track the progress of teachers

Your Coaching Team

Allyson Burnett

Director of Professional Learning for Sibme

Since retiring from teaching and supporting teachers as an instructional specialist, Allyson has worked as a national educational consultant who specializes in helping struggling teachers and teachers who are new to the profession. In 2012, Allyson co-authored 20 Literacy Strategies to Meet the Common Core. In addition to consulting, she is an adjunct professor who teaches students on the path to becoming urban educators. Allyson earned her degrees from Slippery Rock State College and University of Houston.

Christopher D. Schmidt


Chris Schmidt has spent the last 12 years teaching high school English. He currently serves as the chair of Upper School English for Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, and is currently working on his doctorate, focusing on the intersections of classical rhetoric with early modern English lyric in at the University of Dallas. Chris earned his B.A. in English from the University of North Texas and his M.A. from the University of Dallas and was a Teach for America corps member.

Karen Ramos


Karen is a retired educator who worked as an elementary teacher, instructional specialist, and middle and high school principal in urban settings. Currently, Karen works with the Juvenile Department and as an adjunct professor working with ESL students. She earned her undergraduate degree from Slippery Rock State College and her M.Ed. from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in Bilingual and ESL Education.

Kelley Garris


Kelley has worked as an English and ESL teacher and department chair, literacy coach, instructional specialist, and mentor in California’s BTSA induction program. She’s also earned the Pasadena Rotary Teacher of Excellence award and won Pasadena California’s Teacher of the Year. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at Oakland Community College. Kelley has a BA in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MA in Education from California Polytechnic University.

Kristi Pharaon


Kristi has worked as a resource teacher, a preschool program for children with disabilities teacher, a specialist, consultant, and online coordinator. She has been Rookie of the Year and Teacher of the Year, and has been an HEB Excellence in Education Semi-Finalist and a Finalist for the Marian & Speros Martel Early Childhood Educator Award.  Kristi received her degree from Sam Houston State University.

Amy Anders


Amy retired in 2013 after thirty years in Texas education as a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. She has been a Director of an alternative certification program for teachers and was a Superintendent of a private school district in Houston. She is currently a part-time administrator for Humble ISD Night Grad program, and is a mother of one son and lives in Atascocita, TX.

Kathy Perret


Kathy has experience as a teacher, educational consultant and instructional coach, adjunct professor, and author. She’s received instructional coaching training from Jim Knight, Steve Barkley, Diane Sweeney, Elena Aguilar, and Pete Hall. She can be found on Twitter @KathyPerret and is the co-founder and co-moderator of #educoach, a weekly Twitter chat devoted to supporting instructional coaches. Kathy has a BA from Iowa State and an M.Ed from Morningside College.

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