Why Sibme?

Educators across the country are using Sibme to enhance their professional learning process.

How can Sibme help you?


Author and educator Baruti Kefele tells us that young people need the best us. We become the ‘best us’ when we have a growth mindset. If we want to engage in the process of continuous learning and improvement—we first have to follow the advice of Socrates: know thyself. One of most effective ways to know ourselves as professionals is to actually watch videos of our practice — a habit that athletes have valued for years. When we watch our practice, we not only see our strengths, but we also see the areas we need to improve—perhaps more readily than when we are being told what to improve by someone else. When we identify what we need to improve, we tend to be powerfully motivated to find ways to make those improvements.

Sibme’s private Workspace was intentionally designed to help professionals gain the psychological safety that comes from having the space and time to be self-reflective. In the privacy of this space, professionals film, upload, view, and annotate videos as they celebrate their strengths and work to become more effective in the areas they personally have identified as needing improvement.

As professionals, it’s not that we cannot find the solutions to improve, it’s that we weren’t aware of the problems. Viewing video helps us to know ourselves. Sibme provides the Workspace to help us continuously improve our practice.

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches provide intensive and differentiated support that helps teachers implement evidence-based practices in a variety of educational settings. Sibme enhances the instructional coaching process by allowing coaches and teachers to set professional learning goals, share resources, and share video of classroom teaching for the purpose of improving instruction.

Sibme’s intuitive, interactive platform is compatible with any instructional coaching process, whether your school or district has adopted Knight's "High-Impact Instruction," Marzano's "Art and Science of Teaching," Aguilar's "The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation,” Lemov's "Teach Like a Champion, or Saphier, Haley-Speca, and Gower's "The Skillful Teacher," or others. Our coaching Huddles provide a safe and secure space to nurture growth and hone teachers’ classroom skills.


A professional learning community, or PLC, is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

Sibme PLC Huddles enable teachers within a certain grade-level or content area to film a lesson, strategy, or skill to share with their team for the purpose of reflection and conversation. PLC Huddles also provide a safe space to conduct blended lesson studies with your PLC throughout the school year.

Peer Observations

Sibme collegial partner Huddles provide a safe space to model lessons and share instructional strategies with peers you trust. Instead of spending scarce resources on substitute teachers, losing precious instructional days, and observing peers during less than ideal times, videotaping stops time and allows you to focus on exactly on what you want to observe or share.

Teachers can control the videotaping process using their own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android. Capture only what you want to model, upload to Sibme, and quickly share the whole video lesson or clipped segment(s) and related resources with peers.


Many schools find that mentoring is an important strategy to help new teachers adjust to the instructional and social aspects of their professional roles. Sibme Huddles enhance the mentoring process, providing a shared space for mentors and new teachers to share classroom videos and related resources and facilitate data-driven dialogue about best instructional practice.

Huddles allow mentors to upload, organize, and store recorded classroom lessons and related resources for the purpose of modeling strategies for their mentee. In turn, mentees are able to upload and share recorded classroom lessons with their mentor and receive time-stamped feedback on their teaching.

Teacher Preparation

Sibme can help Schools of Education and Alternative Certification Programs better prepare their teacher candidates during clinical work and edTPA assessment requirements.

Several states have already formally adopted or are considering edTPA for statewide use to license new teachers or approve teacher preparation programs. Sibme can host observation data of your teacher candidates for the purpose of reflection, feedback, and conversation.

One of edTPA requirements is to submit segments of teaching videos to be reviewed and scored. Sibme streamlines the entire process for student teaching programs: video capture, upload, sharing, feedback and discussion tools, and hosting before videos are submitted for review.

Professional Development Training

Sibme can help make better use of professional development time by offering a blended solution for your school or district. Blended PD offers the added benefit of personalizing professional learning. Most teachers only experience traditional workshop-style training sessions. Over 90% of teachers participate in top-down workshop-style training sessions during a school year even though it has been found to be ineffective (Yoon et al, 2007; Bush, 1984).

Professional development presenters, teachers, or consultants can create custom Huddles for focused presentations, including samples of actual teaching from local teachers introducing new skills or instructional strategies. Rather than being passive observers of newly introduced instructional strategies, teachers become active participants in their own learning with their peers during the workshop, viewing and annotating actual instruction.

Classroom Walkthroughs

If your school or district conducts classroom walkthroughs, Sibme can help streamline this process.

Using the Sibme iOS or Android app, an instructional leader conducting a walkthrough, can capture the short lesson segment during the observation and quickly upload the video to a focused Classroom Walkthrough Huddle.

All lesson segments can be organized and categorized based on the focus of the observation from your checklist of evidence-based practices. The segments can be stored for further reflection and/or shared privately with the observed teacher along with discussion questions and time-stamp feedback.

Instructional Rounds

If your school district conducts instructional rounds, Sibme can help streamline this process.

During Instructional Rounds, an individual on the instructional round's team is able to record the 15-20 minute observation from a smartphone or tablet using the Sibme iOS or Android app and upload the video to a Huddle created specifically for instructional rounds.

The "problem of practice" can be added to the Huddle description and the observations pertaining to that focus can be organized, stored, annotated, and discussed with the instructional leadership team during team debriefs. Enhancing this process with technology can provide a clear picture of reality in your school system and accelerate your goal of improving teaching and learning in your school district.