Sibme AI

What is Sibme AI?

Sibme AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool designed to enhance professional growth and improve teaching. It utilizes machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze and provide real-time insights into teacher and student behaviors.

How does it work?

Sibme AI provides real-time video and audio analysis, highlighting key aspects of teaching and coaching sessions.
With Sibme AI, you can automatically transcribe video and audio recordings and generate detailed reports on quantitative and qualitative metrics such as student engagement, teacher talk time, and question types.

What are its advantages?


Sibme AI automatically captures and analyzes video data, eliminating the need for manual tracking and tedious analysis.

Instant feedback

Gain immediate insights into key teaching and learning metrics, allowing you to make adjustments and improvements in real-time.

In-depth analysis

Access detailed reports on classroom dynamics, question types, use of academic language, and tone of voice, providing a comprehensive view of your teaching practice.


The reports generated are highly personalized, enabling you to identify specific areas of strength and growth opportunities.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with a user-friendly interface, Sibme AI makes it easy for educators and coaches to navigate and utilize reports and video from any device.

Continuous Improvement

Sibme AI is regularly updated with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and instructional coaching, ensuring that you benefit from the most advanced tools and insights.

AI Reports &
Interactive Dashboards

Sibme AI's Reports and Interactive Dashboards are more than just data displays. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, they analyze classroom audio and video to uncover insights across various skills. This intelligent automation frees you from manual analysis, allowing you to focus on what matters most – enhancing the learning experience.

Teacher and Student Talk

Teacher vs Student Talk

Displays the proportion of speaking time for the teacher versus the students as well as when there is silence and a group of speakers talking.

Teacher vs Student Talk: By Time

Displays the proportion of speaking time for the teacher versus the students as well as when there is silence and a group of speakers talking.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

Indicates the grade level at which the teacher in the video is communicating.

Teacher Words Per Minute

Analyzes the rate of speech of a teacher speaker in a classroom video or audio file.

Behavior Specific & General Praise

Analyzes a classroom audio or video’s transcript to track praise that focuses on particular actions, behaviors, or performance as opposed to generic praise.

Type of Questions

Question Distribution by Time

Shows when the teacher and students asked questions. Clicking on each question bar opens a transcript of the actual question for further analysis.

Cold Call and Choral Response

Evaluates when the teacher calls on specific students and when the teacher elicits a unified response from the whole class.

Student Response by Gender

Evaluates the gender of the student who responds to teacher and other student questions.

Open and Closed-ended Questions

Classifies questions asked by both the teacher and students into two types: Open-Ended and Closed-Ended.

Sentiment & Behavior

Teacher Speech Sentiment

The chart uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the words and phrases the teacher uses in their speech to identify positive, neutral, and negative speech patterns.

Hand Raised Detection by Time

Hand icons indicate when students raised their hand in the video.

Video & Audio Summary

Using cutting-edge natural language processing technology, Sibme AI automatically generates summaries of your audio and video files, including key moments and action steps.