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Let Sibme AI Reports turn you into a superhero by effortlessly extracting valuable data from your video and audio artifacts. You’ll feel like you just discovered superpowers!

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Our catalog of AI Reports help you do things you never thought possible. Run the reports of your choice on your video and audio artifacts and sit back and watch the magic happen.

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Teacher and Student Talk by Time


Have you ever felt that the balance between teacher talk time and student talk time was off? Perhaps you've had a coach visit once a year and suggest you talked too little. But what if you didn't have to guess, and you could access this data with high levels of precision as often as you needed?


We understand that both silent and vocal students thrive in classrooms where group discussions occur. As students' talk time is positively correlated with outcomes, it's crucial for teacher-talk to be focused and deliberate. Our report offers a solution by leveraging AI to analyze classroom audio or video transcriptions. It maps out who is speaking when, providing insights into how talk time distribution impacts student learning and engagement. This tool helps ensure all students have equitable opportunities to speak and prevents certain students from dominating talk time.

Closed vs. Open Ended Questions


Open-ended questions drive students towards deeper answers and demonstrate their critical thinking skills. However, it’s not always clear who is responding to questions that promote more rigor. How can you efficiently measure and utilize this valuable aspect of student learning?


Our report offers a solution by providing a visual representation of question types asked by both teachers and students during class. With a simple bar chart, you can understand the balance and nature of questions posed, fostering deeper engagement and understanding among students. And, with the click of a button, you can see the exact moment in the lesson where the question happened.

Teacher Movement


Deliberate teacher movement during instruction significantly impacts student engagement and classroom management. But how can you gather precise insights into this aspect of teaching without investing substantial time?


Introducing the Sibme AI Movement Report – your comprehensive solution for examining teacher movement within the classroom. Using facial recognition technology, this report meticulously tracks the teacher's movements throughout recordings, mapping their trajectory. The resulting visualization provides insights into which areas of the classroom were visited and the duration spent in each zone. With this tool, you can determine if teacher movements enhance student engagement, facilitating more effective classroom management and learning outcomes.

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