Sibme AI

The Premier AI-Powered Copilot for Educators. Go beyond chatbots—experience AI that revolutionizes teaching and leadership.

Sibme AI Solutions
The only complete suite of AI solutions for educators.

AI Tools

Spend less time on paperwork and more time on teaching and learning! Designed with ready-to-use AI templates, even beginners can utilize Sibme to streamline administrative tasks and instantly generate lesson plans, content, assessments, and communication documents.


AI Reports

Unlock real-time analysis with Sibme AI Reports! Our AI-generated charts provide actionable insights to enhance your educational journey. Highlight key aspects of teaching effectiveness and student engagement.


AI Insights

Elevate your teaching with advanced analysis. Gain valuable information from your video and audio artifacts, and receive tailored insights to support your needs. Explore lesson plans and recordings, assess student work, and receive personalized guidance and feedback.


Sibme AI Advantages

Manage people and account settings to ensure everyone has access to the right settings.


Sibme AI automatically captures and analyzes video and audio data, eliminating the need for manual tracking and tedious analysis.


The reports generated are highly personalized, enabling you to identify specific areas of strength and growth opportunities tailored to your needs.

Privacy & Security

Create your own private workspace where you can securely store and organize the materials you're working with.

User-Friendly Interface

Sibme AI offers a user-friendly interface, enabling educators and coaches to seamlessly access reports and videos from any device, ensuring smooth cross-platform compatibility.

Image and Video Analysis

Our platform analyzes both video and image content, providing comprehensive insights beyond transcriptions. Gain a deeper understanding of visual cues and interactions for informed decision-making

Multiple Languages

Automatically transcribe video and audio in 130 languages, with immediate insights and reports available in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for diverse users. Translate text into any language with ease!