Our robust web and mobile platform has all the tools you need to learn as a team. These are just a few of the features that power your work.


Create a shared space for your team to meet synchronously, easily share and annotate videos and resources privately, have asynchronous discussions, and chat in real-time.

Video Annotation

Rather than passively watching videos, Sibme helps you engage and learn deeply from them. Collaborate with all relevant team members on “teachable moments” and witness asynchronous developmental growth!

Mobile Apps

Sibme’s mobile app (iOS & Android) and web application both help you manage, upload and improve any video you’re working on!

Document Commenting

Sibme helps you collaborate on important projects, with Comments on any co-created document, Email & message feedback, File comments & reference links,


Easily track evidence that requires your feedback, as a coach, professor, or leader. Use Sibme’s trackers, so the whole team gets the feedback they need to grow on time and on budget.


Curate a library of videos and other resources - then easily share them with anyone in your team.Create custom categories to organize resources and videos for later browsing.


Use our direct Pearson integration to curate and share your edTPA portfolio in seconds. Keep track of all candidate submissions in detail for your program.


Set goals, share resources, and get stuff done faster - with your team all on the same page. Lean on data to make sharp, calibrated decisions that yield results in your organization.

Analytics and Reporting

Sibme’s robust analytics and reporting tools help you inspect what you expect and scale impact across your organization. Track activities and outcomes over time.


Self-reflection is the first step on the path to professional improvement. Create a safe  space to capture evidence. Use your private workspace to reflect, edit, and annotate what you’ve captured.

Frameworks and Rubrics

Sibme’s reporting quickly tells you whether what you’re working on… is actually working! With analytics that make sense (and scale with you) you stay on top of results.

Privacy and Security

Your organization’s data is always private. Sibme is fully compliant with FERPA & COPPA regulations, so you can relax knowing you’re in secure and safe hands. Your organization’s proprietary data is protected.