8 Ways Sibme Powers Your Work

Sibme is a one-stop-shop for schools and learning organizations of any size to power authentic professional learning and coaching engagements.


Sibme provides a secure place to house a school’s best-practice library.  Authentic, user-created videos and resources can be categorized and classified so that your team can easily access them.  A picture (or video) really is worth a thousand words!


Sibme's Workspace provides a private and secure space for people to capture and review videos and resources in order to reflect on their instruction. Self-reflection is one of the most powerful ways to learn.


Sibme's Coaching Huddles provide a safe space for one-on-one sharing of videos, resources, instructional conversations, and feedback.


Sibme’s Huddles allow you to flexibly build small groups or PLCs for your team so they can securely share video of their instruction. Discussions and Chat foster ongoing conversations about teaching and learning.


Sibme's fully-integrated web and mobile solution makes it easy to record and share evidence of teaching and learning. Have your team record themselves and share video with you virtually for targeted feedback or record lessons in-person while simultaneously leaving time-stamped feedback.


Sibme makes it easy for teachers and students to submit assigned videos and resources. Assessors can review a large number of submissions, provide targeted feedback at key moments, and use customizable rubrics to enhance qualitative feedback with quantitative data. Sibme is an edTPA approved Platform Provider.


Sibme's robust analytics dashboard makes it easy to identify trends, track growth, and provide support that builds on your team's strengths and addresses their areas of need.


Sibme can help you make informed decisions about programming and support based on what you see in your team's work. Easily aggregate data from multiple sources. Quickly add and remove team members, customize permissions, and customize our flexible platform to fit your workflow. Scale from a small team to thousands of users with ease.