Training Software to invest in your most important asset

In modern workplaces, people drive performance. As demands change for knowledge workers, skills have to constantly improve.

Sibme empowers learning organizations to improve performance

Our philosophy of learning is simple: engaging, active, and driven by your people. We connect your experts to your learners, and empower you to do the rest.

Sibme shifts learning from a passive to an active experience.

Sibme changes the way people learn at work.

With Sibme, learners can practice their relevant job skills independently or with others, in private virtual learning spaces.

Sibme closes skill gaps by empowering your teams to set goals. Gather and discuss evidence of practice. Receive feedback from peers and mentors, and grow professionally.

Our software puts the learner in the driver’s seat of their own learning - and creates safe spaces for teams to learn in the flow of work. All this happens asynchronously, from any device, from anywhere!

Corporate Learning & Development

In this competitive environment for human capital, your people need to know that you're willing to invest in them. Build a strong, collaborative, continuous-improvement culture that connects your team without taking them away from their work.

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Enterprise Partnerships

Sibme works with the largest learning companies in the world to reduce costs and maximize impact for their professional services. Build a customized engagement platform that reaches your customers anytime from anywhere.

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