Explore Research-Based Best Practices & Enhance Coaching Outcomes:

Coaches learn in a virtual 1-on-1 environment and cultivate their coaching skills throughout a 7-week program!

Sibme’s been a leader in the virtual coaching space for over four years and has successfully completed 700+ virtual coaching cycles.

We apply the experience gained from working with teachers to our proven coaching framework to enhance the skills of coaches—regardless of their level of experience.

Coaching the Coach is interactive, hands-on, meaningful, and is built upon the idea of nurturing positive relationships. Sibme created an opportunity for me to evolve into a better educator. I recommend this to anyone who wants to grow in excellence as an instructional coach.

Claudia Marin

Amigos Por Vida

Case Study

How Our 1-On-1 Coaching Cycle Works:

Coaches will meet with their own personalized coach, once a week, for a 7-week period. During these 1-on-1 sessions, developing coaches gain the needed skills to ground their coaching in a replicable improvement cycle.

This 7-week cycle formula ensures an increased impact on both student and teacher outcomes.

Want To Be Great At Something? Find a Coach!

Coaches working with a Sibme Virtual Coach will learn important developmental coaching skills, and experience our Continuous Improvement Cycle firsthand.

Watch this video to learn more about the Sibme Coaching the Coach process from Allyson Burnett, Sibme's Director of Virtual Learning.

What You’ll Learn:

… and much, much more.