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To get improved performance, the only way forward is through empowered teams, that drive their own improvement.

Grounding organizational learning in video sharing was invaluable. It saves everyone time and the collaboration features to enhance learning (commenting, sharing, tagging pre-set categories) are easy to use.

Kyler Blodgett

Achievement Network

Case Study

Sibme’s web and mobile platforms meet your team right where they are; empowering them to:


Our robust web and mobile platform has all the tools you need to learn as a team. These are just a few of the features that power your work.


Create a shared space for your team to meet synchronously, easily share and annotate videos and resources privately, have asynchronous discussions, and chat in real-time.

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Video Annotations

Rather than passively watching videos, Sibme helps you engage and learn deeply from them. Collaborate with all relevant team members on “teachable moments” and witness asynchronous developmental growth!

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Self-reflection is the first step on the path to professional improvement. Create a safe  space to capture evidence. Use your private workspace to reflect, edit, and annotate what you’ve captured.

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