Let our software completely power your consulting and training.

Our easy, white-labeled versions of the Sibme platform deliver seamless experiences to your customers, and expand your brand’s reach!

The HMH Coaching Studio, powered by Sibme makes collaboration easy and puts everything needed as an instructional coach in one place. The platform (both on the desktop and app version) streamlines the reflective process needed to build the instructor - coach relationship.

Allyson Del Debbio

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Case Study

At Sibme, we help to define your project’s parameters, customize the software to meet your needs, and provide services that help your team power your professional service delivery.

Use Sibme’s flexible platform to connect with your customers from anywhere. Build a library of resources to share with clients. Create practice communities in your organizations, and scale your influence (without needing to be on-site)!

Sibme connects you with clients beyond the workshop, to offer ongoing, job-embedded support.

Susan Gerenstein is Vice President of Professional Development at FullBloom.

The company is dedicated to shaping brighter futures for students, their families, and communities. They do this by offering professional learning services, specialized education, and intervention programs in behavioral health.

Join us to hear how FullBloom evolved their coaching process with Sibme!


Our robust web and mobile platform has all the tools you need to learn as a team. These are just a few of the features that power your work.


Curate a library of videos and other resources - then easily share them with anyone in your team.Create custom categories to organize resources and videos for later browsing.

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Create a shared space for your team to meet synchronously, easily share and annotate videos and resources privately, have asynchronous discussions, and chat in real-time.

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Video Annotation

Rather than passively watching videos, Sibme helps you engage and learn deeply from them. Collaborate with all relevant team members on “teachable moments” and witness asynchronous developmental growth!

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