Sibme’s Core Features

Sibme is a one-stop-shop for schools and learning organizations of any size to power authentic professional learning and coaching engagements.


Self-reflection is the first step on the path to professional improvement. Use your private Workspace to add evidence from your work to reflect. Annotate what you’ve captured to keep track of your progress.  Review your work anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Connect your team in private spaces and interact through job-embedded practice. Advance teaching and learning through better and more frequent collaboration.

Video and Resource Sharing

Add files from your Computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box to Sibme.


Create unique discussion topics to give your team members a place to generate conversation.


Script notes live and add frameworks and performance-levels while observing classrooms.

Video and Document Annotations

Don't just passively watch videos, Engage with them deeply to drive learning. Collaborate with team members on “teachable moments” and grow together!

Synced Notes

Script notes from your laptop while simultaneously recording from the Sibme mobile apps during your classroom observations.  Your recording and notes will sync after you finish.

Schedule and Host Events

Integrate your Google and Outlook Calendars and schedule Huddle events and meetings in Zoom or in-person.


Watch classrooms and events in real-time without being physically present. Leave live feedback and comments as you observe.

Screen Record

Capture your screen in our mobile and web apps; share exactly what you see, when it matters.

Video Editing

Crop your videos to show only the parts that are relevant.

Goals & Action Items

Set learning goals individually or in partnership with your peers and coaches.  Add artifacts as evidence-of-practice to demonstrate progress towards your goals.


Build customized portfolios of evidence, individually or as a team, to demonstrate mastery of learning objectives.


Create templates of goals so your team doesn't have to start from scratch. Align work to specific outcomes to calibrate team growth.

Add Evidence-of-Practice

Don't just say that you're making it. Demonstrate goal attainment by showing actual work with artifacts from Sibme.


Define quantitative benchmarks to help your team measure progress toward action items and overall goal attainment.

Due Dates and Times

Keep track of evidence over time by setting due dates for action item submission.

Goal Management

Keep track of your entire team's progress easily in one place from a unified goal management dashboard. Create goals for your entire team at once. Customize categories to make it easy to find goals and track progress.


Archive goals to keep things neat and tidy while also holding on to historical data.


Frequent communication is critical. Improve your team’s skills through better conversations.

Group Chat

Chat privately with your peers directly or in Huddles, while at your desk or on the go.

Direct Messaging

Send private messages to other people in Sibme.


Stay up to date and receive relevant information from your peers about your work.


@mention other people in your account.

Likes & Stars

Give a thumbs up and acknowledge improvement among your peers. Keep track of all your favorite Artifacts in your account.

Video & Audio Messaging

Leave video and audio messages when chatting with others.

Video Conferencing

Integrate Zoom within Huddles and Events so that you can host synchronous courses, meetings, events, and 1:1 coaching conversations.


Curate a library of videos and resources - then easily share them with anyone on your team. Create custom categories to organize and showcase best practices in your network.

Videos, Resources, URLs

Curate best practices through videos, resources, and urls.

Custom Categories

Create custom categories to organize and showcase best practices in your network.


Annotate videos and make every moment a teachable moment.


Videos uploaded to the library include automatic transcription. Export transcriptions or use them as subtitles on your videos.

Video Blur

Blur the faces of people in your video to protect student privacy.


Sibme’s robust analytics and reporting tools help you inspect what you expect and scale impact across your organization. Track activities and outcomes over time.

Framework & Rubrics

Define professional learning standards for your specific workflow by customizing frameworks & rubrics in your Sibme account.

Engagement Leaderboard

Monitor usage across your account and incentivize your team to practice and learn new skills.

User Summary

Monitor individual usage and track progress towards individual learning targets.

Engagement Reports

Monitor user engagement across Workspace, Huddles, Goals, and Library.

Coaching & Assessment Reports

Complete coaching and assessment reports and export data as needed.

Coaching & Assessment Trackers

Easily track evidence that requires your feedback, as a coach, professor, or instructional leader. Use Sibme’s trackers, so the whole team gets the feedback they need to grow on time and on budget.


Manage people and account settings to ensure everyone has access to the right settings.

Permissions and Privacy Controls

Quickly add and remove team members. Customize what your team can do in Sibme, and build a model in our flexible platform that fits your needs. Scale from a small team to thousands of users. Enterprise customers have additional control with SSO: Google, SAML and OAuth.

Data Security

Your organization’s data is always private. Sibme is fully compliant with FERPA & COPPA regulations, so you can relax knowing you’re in secure and safe hands. Your organization’s proprietary data is protected.


Add and remove viewers at no cost.  Viewers have access to your best practices  library and can view videos and resources in Collaboration Huddles.

Team Management

Grant leaders administrative access who can add, remove and manage users and their settings. In addition, they can make changes to Account Settings.


Export your data to CSV if you want to slice and dice your own data.

Custom Fields

Customize your user settings and assessment fields, so you can collect and report on information that is important to your professional learning workflow.


Learn and grow on the go.


Access Workspace, Huddles, Goals, and Chat with your team.


Access Workspace, Huddles, Goals, and Chat with your team.